Mercari Euro Hack 2018 - Sharing Economy Solutions
20th Oct 2018, midnight CEST - 21st Oct 2018, midnight CEST, Location: Details will follow, Warsaw, Details will follow, Poland.

Mercari Euro Hack 2018 - Sharing Economy Solutions

Japan tech unicorn Mercari has landed in Europe and is calling all developers, hackers, designers and anyone interested to help solve challenges facing the Sharing Economy. Participants that take the Mercari Euro Hack will not only get the chance to win incredible cash prizes, but also all-expenses-paid trips to Japan!

The Challenge: Solve some common problems of Sharing Economy

Delivery - Make deliveries faster, cheaper & more reliable

Security & Privacy - Create a more secure framework for transactions

Fairness - Solve authentication & fraud issues

Anything else - Have more ideas? Solve any problems you can think of! 

How to participate?

Step 1. Apply here! (~5 minutes) 
Step 2. Take the ChallengeRocket code challenge! (~60 minutes) 
Step 3. Wait for your invitation to the Onsite Hackathon! (notice~2 weeks)  

Check Terms and join the Hackathon today!

Sign up here:

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1st place - 1st place

For 1st, 2nd and 3rd places Winners Trip to Japan to visit the Mercari head office (all expense paid) !


2nd place - 2nd place


3rd place - 3rd place