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Create and promote a hackathon on Hackfest.

Virtual Hackathon

Online challenges which allow hackers to take part anywhere in the world.

Physical Hackathon

Hackers meet at a specified location and time and take part in a challenge. These hackathons normally last for a few days.


When your challenge is listed on Hackfest, talented hackers will be able to find and enter it.

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Admin tools

The admin area allows you to manage, monitor and organise all aspects of your challenge.


Join exciting hackathons, win great prizes and stay connected with all the latest hackathon news.


Hackers can form teams, enter challenges together and upload team projects.


We regularly write articles so Hackers can stay up to date with all the latest hackathon news with our regular articles.


The hackathon discussion board on every hackathon challenge page allows hackers to connect with organisers and other hackers.


Hackers can enter any challenge listed on Hackfest and be in with the chance of winning some great prizes.


Provide your expert opinion and judge hackathon entries.


Organisers can invite Judges to their challenges via their Hackfest username or personal email address when they create a challenge.


Organisers invite Judges to nominate the hackers projects they think should be eligable for prizes at the end of the challenge.


Judges provide expert opinion to help the organiser decide who should win their challenge.

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