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Terms and Conditions

  1. As an attendee of a Hackfest challenge and entrant to any of the competitions held at on Hackfest you agree that the artefact(s) presented was created using original work by you or a member of your team and that none of it was substantially copied, willfully or otherwise, from any other source and that any work used does not infringe on another's intellectual property of a third party.
  2.  Hackfest is not responsible for the protection of the Intellectual Property (IP) created or presented on Hackfest from theft or intentional damage of any kind.
  3. The organisers and judges retain the right to invalidate an entry if there is any suspicion that a piece of work violates any of the expectations laid out in Section 1 and 2.
  4. An entrant's work and intellectual property shall remain the property of the author with the acknowledgment to the fact that the organisers are not and never shall be in a position to defend this right from infringement or duplication.
  5. Hackfest is not responsible for the collection and distribution, evenly or otherwise, of prizes awarded for participation in a Hackfest though may assist in delivery where necessary.
  6. Sponsors of Hackfest challenges retain the right to change the advertised prizes and/or challenges and briefs at any time before the start of a Hackfest competition.
  7. By submitting an entry to Hackfest, the entrant agrees that the submitted work may be used in promotional material arranged by the Hackfest organisers and partners for, but not limited to, future events and hackathons.
  8. By participating on Hackfest you agree that the organisers and their partners may use your email address for future events and promotions.
  9. Registered participants of Hackfest challenges agree that the organisers are not liable for any loss of work or data due to power, network, hardware of software failure or malfunction and that any loss or lack of work that would be entered for the Hackfest will only be considered by the judges if the idea of the artefact is clearly communicated.