Program using bioinformatics at GeneHack

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/digitalgenetics)

If you have an interest in bioinformatics, programming, or ideally both, then GeneHack in Dolgoprudny is the event for you! Even if you know little about either topic, GeneHack could offer the perfect place to meet with experts in their respective fields and learn more about developments in this exciting area...

During the course of two days, teams of 3 - 4 members will each set-out to complete a project in bioinformatics which can be applied to medicine or science. The teams will be supported by leading Russian research centres who will be providing tasks which can be completed within the limited amount of time available.

All participants will be provided with round-trip transportation to the venue from Altufyevo metro station, accommodation space, coffee, snacks, WiFi, and computational servers. They must bring their own laptops, however.

The deposit to reserve your place at the event is 300 RUB (3.91 GBP) which organisers say will be refunded on attendance. Prizes include an LG G Watch, placement in a ten-day NGS intensive course, an invite to participate in the Future Biotech course in September, an invite for year-long study in the School of Bioinformatics, and money prizes from In Silico Medicine and the First Oncology Research and Advisory Center.

Anyone can attend and advance their knowledge if they have some experience in molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, and biostatistics, or are able to program in Python, Perl, PHP, or C/C#/C++/Java.

You can find out more information about GeneHack here.


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