Smart Port Hackathon produces 21 prototypes

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Maritime technology has seen little noteworthy advancements in recent years; with tried and tested technology causing stagnation in advancements. Organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, the Smart Port Hackathon aimed to spark innovation in the sector and help to increase efficiency. 

This year's hackathon was attended by a total of 120 participants from 21 teams. 20 various datasets were used with 70 million data points by MPA and its partners (including Amos International, BH Global, Jurong Port, NEA, PSA and Singapore Cruise Centre.) 

Data was available which included vessel movement and position data, vessels pre-arrival notification data, ship registries, cargo information, berthing schedules, container trucking data, pilotage orders, garbage collection service orders, customers’ ship supplies orders, sea supplies inventory, lighter service timings, and hydrographic maps.

Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive of MPA, said prior to the event: “This year's Smart Port Hackathon is a much bigger event than 2014. With new industry partners and participating institutions, it seeks to develop useful applications and mobile solutions that would enhance the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of the Port of Singapore." 

He continued: "The maritime sector is ripe for an information revolution and the smarter use of data and analytics can help companies better manage their costs and operations, particularly during the current market conditions.” 

The top prize for the winner of the event was S$5000 (£2272) with runner-up prizes of S$3000 (£1363) and S$2000 (£909) available. Other special prizes were available for the ‘Best Student Team’, ‘Best IBM BlueMix App’, ‘Best Data Analytics’, and ‘Best Hack’.

Team: TBG (First prize)

3D visualisation tool which shows ships in the area against land, weather conditions and tidal data points. Provides Vessel Traffic Information System operators with better situational awareness by having information of real-time conditions.

Team: Pilot (Second prize)

A tool to allow pilots to view status at destination berths for delay and crane status. Pilots can use this information to reschedule deployment of tugs, alter speed, to better allocate pilot resources and tugs.

Team: Smart Truck (Third prize)

A delivery booking system geared towards haulier companies to select a time range for their deliveries and costs associated with it. This information can be shared with port operators for visibility and planning.

Team: S’Port (Best Student Team)

The team developed a solution that attempt to divert human traffic flow at the ferry terminals by enticing the passengers to move out of the departure halls using retail discount coupons. A special queue can be created to expedite check-in at the terminals to ease congestions.

Team: Port Map (Best IBM BlueMix App)

A communications system between truckers, lighters, and suppliers to instantly alert stakeholders on updates such as delays. Shipping agents can use this real-time booking system to update all relevant parties and the schedules can be shared with port operators. Truckers can use their smart phones to provide delivery status updates.

Team: Smart Truck (Best Data Analytics)

A delivery booking system geared towards haulier companies to select a timerange for their deliveries and costs associated with it. This information can be shared with port operators for visibility and planning.

Team: Coconut (Best Hack)

A tool to allow customers to receive notifications the night before departure along with the use of discount coupons for transport services. The solution geofences the customer so they can get push notifications if they are within 500 metres of the departure zone.

Mr Jose Sepulveda, Centre Director, Singapore Polytechnic Applied Research & Technology for Infocomm Centre (ARTIC) said: "The MPA Smart Port Hackathon has been a great opportunity for students and individuals to work on maritime problems. The hackathon multidisciplinary teams bring fresh perspectives to problems that might not been considered before. These efforts represent a big step on ideating the port of the future." 

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