Hackagong invites Australia's talent back for 2015

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One of Australia's biggest hackathons, Hackagong, is back for 2015 and is prepared to be bigger and better than ever with more sponsors, prizes, and competitions than previous years. 

The annual event attracted over 150 competitors and handed-out $100,000 worth of prizes and giveaways to winners in 2014. Hackagong's new platinum sponsor, WiseTech Global, will be providing $5,000 of cash to whoever creates the most viable business idea. 

Alongside this, some of the best-performing teams are set to receive business mentoring from Liquid Co, web hosting from Rackspace, and co-working space from iAccelerate. Winners of various categories will also receive prizes such as Raspberry Pi's, Oculus Rift DK2 headsets, PayPal Here's, and more prizes from other sponsors. 

Hackagoing 2015 will kick-off on Saturday 19th September at 9am and run until the Sunday evening. It will be hosted at the University of Wollongong and early-bird tickets of $30 are still available from the website

All participants will receive several perks with their entry ticket including; Rackspace credit, access to 3D printers, food, 54-700 Mbit/s Wi-Fi connection, and of course a ridiculous amount of caffeinated beverages to keep creative minds ticking over the course of 24 hours. 

The organisers have posted the answers to a couple of important questions on their website: 

Q – Are you going to be hacking into computers? 

A - No, there will not be any computer hacking going on. The point of the event is to make things, not break into things. 

Q – So this has nothing to do with Hacky Sack? 

A - No, although people are welcome to bring them and play if it helps with brainstorming or relaxing for a bit. 

Of course the most important question to ask before attending a hackathon is to find out who owns the intellectual property of what you create during the event. Hackagong's organisers have ensured participants they will retain 100% of the rights to their creations – as it should be.  

To find out more information about Hackagong 2015, head this way

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