Hackathon for nexpaq kicks-off next month

(Image Credit: nexpaq)

A hackathon for modular smartphone case 'nexpaq' kicks-off next month in Melbourne to bring together hardware makers and hackers to create brand-new modules for the innovative new accessory which allows users to upgrade their own handsets. 

“We are very excited about the upcoming nexpaq Hackathon,” Dr Charlie Day, Project Director of the Carlton Connect Initiative, said. “Having hosted one before, we see the benefits and value of Hackathons here at CCI. Hackathons are the future of innovation, and a good way to bring high tech and business partners together to collaborate and do great things.” 

Participants will be joined by mentors and nexpaq staff over the course of three days to ensure creative ideas can be transformed into actual products. Submissions will be judged on the final night across the following areas: 

  • Innovation 
  • Clear market appeal 
  • Hardware app suitability 
  • Manufacturability 
  • Potential for a software app following 

The hackathon is fairly unique in mixing hackers, makers, and hardware manufacturers into one event with the ability to share their individual experience and talents. It is being made possible through collaboration between nexpaq, the Carlton Connect Initiative, and the Melbourne Networked Society Institute, in association with the University of Melbourne. 

Thas Nirmalathas, Director of the Melbourne Networked Society Institute, said: “Mobile platforms are a huge element of the networked society. The Institute is excited to partner with nexpaq in this Hackathon that is empowering digital and mobile innovation in Australia.” 

Nexpaq launched on Kickstarter back in April claiming to be "the first truly modular smartphone case". Twelve modules were available at launch including; LED flashlight, SD card reader, Battery, Hotkeys, Temperature and humidity, Amp speaker, Air quality, Breathalyser, USB flash drive, Laser, Backup, and a 'Dummy' module to fill-in empty slots. 

You can register for the hackathon at this link - although places are limited. Live updates for non-attendees will also be offered at the same web address, along with announcements of the next stages of the worldwide tour. 

Are you impressed by the rate which nexpaq moved from Kickstarter to hackathon? Let us know in the comments.

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