Absolut Vodka turns storage containers into a ‘Creative Space’

With a focus on finding solutions to environmental problems, The Absolut Company are transforming old storage containers into 'Creative Space' where talented minds can meet for hackathons and come-up with innovative new ways to ensure a sustainable future. 

Creative Space brings together selected developers, engineers, designers, and students to participate in a unique environment which should foster ideas. 

Interested parties sent their applications between May 11th - June 1st and the first bunch of selected innovators will take part in an event at the space from June 12th - June 14th. Challenges which The Absolut Company aims to solve include minimising the company’s environmental impact and finding ways to encourage more people to reuse Absolut Vodka bottles.  

Participants will work in groups to come up with a solution alongside experts from the company who will be on-hand to offer their knowledge and insights of the company. A jury will decide the winning project at the end of the hackathon period. 

Anna Schreil, Director of Product Development at The Absolut Company, stated: "Sustainability is a given part of our operations and a challenge that we are facing every day. By inviting innovators to be co-creators in our process we are hoping to open up for new approaches and to challenge ourselves. Creative Space is also a great venue where the participants are given tools to elaborate new ideas, to learn more and to share experiences." 

The space itself consists of five key areas; the Bar, the Distillery, the Workshop, the Bottlery, and the Landscape. It is made from four old shipping containers that were previously used to transport Absolut Vodka to areas outside Färgfabriken in Liljeholmen, south of Stockholm.

Participants can enjoy coffee and relax with books or magazines in the Bar, whilst the Distillery is designed for brainstorming ideas. The Bottlery is where participants can work-out all the fine details of their project, before moving onto the Workshop where ideas come to life through mock-ups and prototypes. 

Creative Space is located in Gröndal, Sweden from June 12th to July 4th. After that, the company plans to ship it to another location. 

Do you think Absolut are leading the way for creative hackathon spaces? Let us know in the comments. 

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