NBC Universal announces London hackathon winners

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Last month we reported US-based media giant NBC Universal will be holding a hackathon in London in the search for new innovation under the theme of "The Future of Content Creation, Distribution, and Monetisation in a Connected World". 

The event was a resounding success, and more than 100 people attended June 6th - June 7th. In the run-up to the event - and during the weekend - around 30% of Twitter traffic in London about hackathons was regarding NBC Universal's event. 

The Winners 

Executives at NBC Universal decided on four key challenges for attendees to address - the 100 participants formed 25 teams in order to compete for up to £10,000 in cash and prizes. Here are the winners of each category; 

"Gifting Digital Content" - The grand prize winning team came up with the 'Golden Ticket' concept which allows users to wrap digital content along with a personalised message similar to how someone would gift-wrap physical goods for someone in the real-world. 

"Social Transactional & Impulse Purchase" - Won by a team which created the "@suggest_movies" social media concept which enables simple social media recommendations and purchases. 

"Driving Social Interaction Within A Subscription Service" - A concept under the name of 'Lounge' allows subscribers to interact - leveraging live event and social functions - with friends whilst enjoying a movie to make the experience more engaging. 

"Next Generation Advertising" - The team who won this category made use of an Oculus Rift VR headset to create 'DiscoVR' which enables users to consume their content within a virtual marketplace. 

Considering the London hackathon was the company's first outside of the US, it just goes to show what influence large foreign companies can have in tapping native talent and entrepreneurs when looking to expand their portfolio. 

Should more US companies look to the UK for hackathons? Let us know in the comments.

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