RVA Hackathon is Back (to the Future) for 2015

Now in its fourth year, the RVA Hackathon is a ten-hour event presented by Mobelux which aims to test the skills and endurance of digital creators. It is being held the same year as when the iconic Back to the Future Part II film was set, and therefore its organisers have decided to use this to promote an event which is sure to launch some future-changing products... 

During last year's event, held at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, some of the creations at the event found a significant amount of success. One of these is 'Tenant Turner' which aims to offer an easy platform for landlords to post their property across all the major listing websites and funnel tenant leads through their online "pre-qualification process" to notify the landlord of when prospective tenants are available to see the property. 

The team behind Tenant Turner won the startup competition at RVA, which led to participation in the Lighthouse Labs Accelerator, which then led onwards to becoming a venture-backed SaaS company. 

What makes the hackathon particularly exciting is that a theme won't be announced until the night before. Awards will be given under the following categories; Best in Show, Best in Concept, Best Design, Best Execution, and Crowd Favorite. 

The event is being held at the 'Gather' co-working space in the heart of downtown Richmond at 409 E. Main St on Saturday April 11th 2015. Although not essential, you can get checked-in and grab a few drinks at the pre-Hackathon the night before between 6 - 8pm.

You can find more details about the RVA Hackathon here.


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