Winners emerge from Disrupt NY 2015 hackathon

As the Disrupt NY hackathon comes to a close for 2015 - it's time to look at the winner, the bigger winner, and the biggest winner of this popular annual event. Hundred of hackers were in attendance at the Manhattan Center in New York, and challenged with creating a hack in just 24 hours... 

The Winner - MoolahMe

Apple Pay and Google Wallet might be attempting to remove our need to carry cash - or even a card - with us anywhere, but there are still times where only notes or change will suffice. We've all been in the situation of needing physical cash on us but not having it, so the hackers behind 'MoolahMe' have come up with a solution. 

MoolahMe is coined as a replacement for ATMs. Instead of requiring to find somewhere with an ATM, it broadcasts a request to nearby users who can help you out in your time of need and automatically send money from your bank account to theirs through a peer-to-peer payment service.

The Bigger Winner - Picorico 

Hardware had its own hackathon during Disrupt NY, and the talent on offer along with having something physical to show won brownie points with the audience and judges alike. Picorico took a runner-up prize at Disrupt for their innovative cycling solution. 

Picorico is an open-source telemetry system built from series of standard, off-the-shelf sensors which the team behind combined with a string encoder to monitor a bike's compression rates in real-time whilst in-use to ensure it is configured correctly for the task at hand. 

The Biggest Winner - Witness

We all like to have the peace-of-mind that security brings, yet it can never be completely guaranteed. The team behind Witness has created a solution which will improve individual safety and ensure the necessary people are informed if an incident occurs. 

All that is required from the users is the press of a large red button which will: 

  • Alert your friends and family. 
  • Record your location, camera and microphone. 
  • Stream the data to your emergency contacts. 
  • Fade the screen to black to prevent notice. 

This might sounds like a clever solution, but one which is comparatively simple to make compared to some of the projects on show at Disrupt. The reason why Witness is such a technical achievement is that the team didn't use any third-party backend for its services, and instead built it all from scratch in the 24 hours of the event. 

Have you been inspired by this year's Disrupt NY winners? Let us know in the comments.

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