Hack your way to Broadway on May 11th - 12th

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Theatre isn't for everyone, but it could just be that it needs a little modernising. Broadway theatre is a termed coined for most high-end shows, but it was born in the grand theatre districts of New York City where shows are deemed to be the best English-speaking performances in the world. 

Naturally, Broadway theatre productions are a huge tourist attraction for NYC. A two-day hackathon is being held at the performing arts library at Lincoln Center to help make the future of Broadway more engaging and accessible - even if your skillset is more technical than physical. 

The event is being sponsored by The New York Public Library at Lincoln Center, Masie Productions, and Harvard University. Attendees are challenged to build the best apps for smartphones and laptops that they can which will; 

  • Leverage the power of mobile technology to support the Broadway experience. 
  • Make the library’s collections more usable. 
  • Better connect actors, producers, creative teams, theatre makers and audiences. 
  • Allow the public to have fun with library collections. 
  • Connect public information about theatre from around the world. 
  • Explore the role of “apps” in the full theatre experience from idea to script to Broadway. 

No prizes will be awarded at the event, and all work will be released under an open license. The library will keep attendees fuelled with appropriate meals and coffee, and participants will also have access to the library's extensive archives which relate to Broadway.

Three types of people are invited to attend:

  • Hackers - For their skills in graphic design, web development, mobile development, or data architecture to create fantastic apps. 
  • Idea Generators - Help to share your great ideas which a developer might be able to help turn into a finished product. 
  • Feedback: Broadway fans who want to provide feedback, brainstorm, and help with data. 

The event will run 10 AM - 8 PM on May 11th, and 10 AM - 5 PM on May 12th. Tickets are free, but you must register in order to participate. Interested? Register here. 

Do you have an idea which might help Broadway be more engaging? Let us know in the comments.


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