Hackathon for women won by anti-harassment app

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Giulio Fornasar)

Four young female coders from Porta Allegra in Brazil have won the  IGNITE International Girls Hackathon with an anti-harassment app called Não Me Calo. In English, the app's name is "I will not shut up" and allows its users to review restaurants based on whether they treat women with respect or harass them. 

Its aim is to create a place for other patrons to choose where they want to go for a safe meal, and have the ability to publicly shame those who harass or cause women to feel uncomfortable. It's hoped that with this data in the public eye, it will encourage restaurant owners and government officials to fix harassment hotspots. 

There are 200 million fewer women than men online

The team competed against coders from India, Taiwan and the United States. As a result of winning the IGNITE hackathon, they will now be working alongside the Global Fund for Women to fully develop and release the app to the public. 

Each team had just 24 hours to create their project during the event, and often were focused towards solving the challenges faced in their home countries. Teams from India, for example, designed apps aimed at sex education and learning self-defence due to the country's well-documented issues with things like trafficking where young women often go missing. 

Uber, the taxi-hailing app, added a new 'SOS button' to their Indian app earlier this year after a driver raped a passenger in December 2014. Most apps are created by men who do not always understand the safety concerns of women, and according to the UN Development Program (UNDP) there are 200 million fewer women than men online which is a gap that could grow to 350 million by 2016. 

The Global Fund for Women wants to change this culture, and promote the online representation of the female population around the world. 

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