PubHack lets you combine your love of code and beer

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/David Herrmann)

A 10-hour digital hackathon called ‘PubHack’ is being held in various pubs around Portsmouth with the aim of transforming those great (and not so great) alcohol-fuelled ideas into reality. The next event is taking place at the Fat Fox in Portsmouth on 25th June. 

On their website, the team wrote: 

We all appreciate the genius ideas born from pub banter. PubHack is a 10 hour tech based hackathon which lets you take those ideas to the next level. 

Each team (min 1, max 4) will get a brief at the beginning of the day, and can create anything in response; a website, a game, an app, anything! 

Each team will be able to present their idea at the end of the day, and the judges will present the awards. 

The event started in 2013 and has been shortlisted by the .Net Awards for ‘Grassroots Event of the Year’ for its innovative approach to hacking. It was founded by Portsmouth-based Jo Eyre, Director of Starboard Media, and Lilian Tula during a Portsmouth Freelancers meet-up. 

Eyre told Team Locals: "I’m really stoked that PubHack has been nominated by our peers and then shortlisted to go through to the public vote. It’s an amazing honour for our little homegrown event to be up against such big names from around the world." 

Some of the previous categories which hackers drunkenly competed for included; 'PubHack Winner', 'Best Design', 'Best Use Of Technology', 'Most Original Concept', 'Most Entertaining Entry', and my personal favourite... 'Most Likely To Receive A Lawsuit". 

This fourth event is already sold-out (within 48 hours!) but spectators are welcome to attend and watch what the hackers are up to. To be alerted when details are available for the next event, we recommend you follow PubHack on Twitter here or keep checking their website

Do you think beer and code is a recipe for success? Let us know in the comments.

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