India Gadget Expo launches "Hackathon Carnival"

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A two-day "Hackathon Carnival" will be held in Hyderabad from 18th – 21st September at the HITEX Convention Centre. Spanning the course of 30 hours, the carnival is being held alongside the India Gadget Expo (IGE) which brings thousands of entrepreneurs together.

Visitors who may not have coding skills – or are just getting started – are free to hit the floor

The idea of this hackathon is to bring the best of hacking community across India at one event and create smart innovative solutions. Participants will focus on advancing developments in the "smart cities" theme and feature multiple tracks like health, environment, traffic and transportation, security, public grievances, and more. 

Sanjeev Kumar, CEO of India Gadget Expo, said: “In the last few years the trend of hackathons has been growing and hackathons are now being considered for educational, social purposes, and creating usable software. The ‘Hackathon Carnival’ at India Gadget Expo will provide a platform for hackers to showcase their innovative prototypes and solutions to a wide audience that include both consumers and angel investors." 

The hackathon's organisers want to bring together hacking talent from across India – with participation from esteemed hackers, professionals, and college graduates. Visitors who may not have coding skills – or are just getting started – are free to hit the floor and observe the hackers in action. 

Hackathon Carnival at IGE is being organised by Uptex IdeaLabs and Hackmania. Winners are set to be awarded with a platform to pitch their prototypes and solutions to investors, incubation/mentoring at T-Hub, and other prizes. 

For more information on the event and how to register, here is the link you'll need.

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