Winners of #BreakMakeCreate15 announced

(Image Credit: HelloTruth)

#BreakMakeCreate15 was held in Johannesburg over this last weekend and was created to give all creative, technical-minded, and innovative thinkers the chance to tinker, craft, and play. 

The event was limited to 10 teams who competed for a first place reward of R10000, with the runners-up grabbing R5000 each. Three innovative projects have now been hailed as the winners of HelloComputer's marketing-focused hackathon. 

First prize 

The overall prize went to 'Guptas in Binary' who created a time-tracking solution called 'Sidekick' which associates basic colours to a project which tracks how long that specific colour has been left on whilst at your desk. At the end of the day it will form a timesheet and sync it to your company's internal system. 

Judges were impressed at the powerful simplicity of the project – which featured no buttons or interface whatsoever. 

Second prize 

One runner-up was 'Red Hot Techie Peppers' who – apart from having an incredible team name – went for a tech-heavy project which made use of AngularJS, GoLang, Python, Django, C#, C, Web Sockets, Android, Microsoft Kinect, NFC, and Arduino to build their ‘Project Angle’ dashboard. 

Project Angle aims to be the complete dashboard for the workplace – starting by organising the applications used most in a user's work day such as calendar events, text messages and generic business information.  

The next trick in the dashboard's sleeve is the ability to control the office's air conditioning – before they even get there. When they arrive, the office door can then be controlled through use of the Microsoft Kinect for facial and gesture recognition. 

Third prize 

A final prize went to 'Deez Nuts' who created the controversial – but fun – Boss Approach Warning System. It consists of a bunch of sensors disguised as everyday desk items which create a network that will trigger different alarms on employees' desks when a boss is detected to ensure they're not caught slacking-off. 

To ensure they're covered, the system will also hide all non-work activity and pull-up an Excel document (which everyone knows is the sign of a hard-worker!) 

For more information about HelloComputer, take a look at their website here. 

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