48 hour ‘codefest’ brings solution for MasterControl customer needs


Here’s an example of how hackathons help move products forward: Utah-based software company MasterControl asked its customers for the number one enhancement request to its enterprise quality management software (EQMS) product, and challenged its developers to come up with a solution within 48 hours.

The final customer demand was to upgrade the “My Tasks” feature in a way that will allow the users to organise and prioritise all the tasks in the EQMS. The process of vetting, validating and upgrading the My Tasks feature speaks to the core mission of MasterControl in meeting its customers’ needs.

The My Tasks segment lists essentially every action item from document management to audits to training, and has a list of tasks that include where training is needed, document approvals, collaboration, process forms, etc. Currently, the users can sort by name and date; they will be able to sort, filter and prioritise their view of tasks in the most efficient and effective way in the future.

“This new customer-requested My Tasks feature enhancement will impact every single user of the MasterControl software,” said Matt Lowe, executive vice president. “We believe MasterControl is the only EQMS provider that can make that challenge and meet it,” added Jon Beckstrand, MasterControl CEO. “Our ability is matched only by our commitment to our customers to provide what they need, when they need it.”

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