2016 Maxthon Extension Hackathon
1st Dec 2016, midnight CST - 30th Dec 2016, midnight CST.

Maxthon is holding this Hackathon to make browsing on Maxthon more comfortable and easier with the extensions YOU made.

Have you ever wanted to make yourself an extension to facilitate the inbuilt functions?

Have you ever wanted to add a new function to your browser?

Those moments must have shed some light on you about how to improve user experience.

They must have kindled the fire in your heart to make an ideal extension.

Thus, as an ambitious developer and a perfectionist,

You are so welcome to join the course with us to make browsing a pleasant and efficient thing.


Upload your extension:


Maxthon Extension Development Guide & Package Tool: 



If you have any questions concerning this Hackathon,

Please feel free to contact: market@maxthon.com


Judging criteria:

There are four criteria for judging an app in the Hackathon, they are:

1. Innovation / Ambition

2. User Interface / User Experience

3. Overall Quality

4. Quality of Pitch / Impact

Each judge will assign an app a score between 1 and 10 inclusively for each of the four criteria, with 1being unexceptional and 10 being exceptional.

Penalties will be assessed for:

1. Using technology / libraries that were not disclosed before judging.

2. Checking code into GitHub after the deadline.

Judges will use their own discretion in deciding how much impact a penalty has on the team’s score.

Innovation / Ambition

  • Was the idea unique or a different take on an existing/similar app?
  • What was added to the app that made it special or more useful?
  • Was the idea behind the app ambitious? Creative?
  • How well did the app execute upon the theme/category chosen?

User Interface / User Experience

  • Does the UI of the app look professional/fun, or is it sloppy?
  • Is the app easy to use?
  • Does the workflow of the app make sense, is it intuitive?

Overall Quality

  • Does the app work completely from start to finish?
  • How many and how severe were any bugs encountered?
  • Was anything in the app that wasn’t fully implemented, like a useless button that was supposed to do something?
  • Did the team scope their app’s features well given the time frame of the Hackathon?

Quality of Pitch / App Impact

  • Does the app seem like something people would want to buy and use outside of the Hackathon?
  • Was the team able to explain their idea and what the app actually did?





time left



1st place - $500


2nd place - $300


3rd place - $100