Blukii Hackfest

Ambient Healthcare assistance program (AHAP)

Our ambient healthcare assistance program is relying on Blukii tags to enable outbound (out of the hospital) monitoring of elderly people who require special attention for various medical conditions. Nowadays the life expectancy is at its higher peak therefore the expenses for healthcare assistance are getting higher and higher. By developing this project we are aiming to reduce the healthcare costs by offering a solution software solutions that will enable the medical personnel and the family to monitor the patient that do not have an emergency situation right at their own home comfort.

The information collected from the blukii tags is processed by our cloud services as follows:

The application uses the accelerometer data to monitor the sleep (by constantly monitoring the movement during the night) and the walking speed to recognize the patient's fitness level.

The data collected from the temperature sensor is used to set the thermal comfort level in the room.

The range distance is used to detect the presence of the user in the house and to generate emergency alerts when a person is staying for too long in the same location.

The patients will be identified by the identification id of the Blukii tag that will be retrieved from our cloud based service. The tags are bound to a specific person during a registration process which will prompt for the user details and it will record all the ids of all the Blukii tags owned by the monitored person.