Blukii Hackfest

Emergency Assistance Wearable Pendant Device with Blukii® SmartSensors

The Emergency Assistance Wearable Pendant is a combination of a Smartphone app and a Blukii® SmartSensor.

The app connects to the Blukii® SmartSensor, which in our use case is in a wrist band, and tracks the position of the person wearing the sensor. 

Using custom algorithms breafly explained in the PDF deck, we are able to detect sudden falls (such as in a case of a heart attack or an accident) and trigger an alarm to predefined contacts.

Operation of the app:

  • The app allows to predefine specific contact numbers (call, text message, email), which will be contacted in case of a Blukii® triggered emergency.
  • Through the GPS sensors on the smartphone device, the exact coordinates of the person in trouble are being sent to the contacts.
  • Remote assistance by trained staff via call to the person in danger 
  • Remote assistance by relatives or friends of the injured person.

Target group:

  • Elderly people / Alzheimer's, people with heart conditions
  • Disabled people
  • Epilepsy
  • Lone or remote workers
  • Everybody else

Advantages of the Blukii® SmartSensor

  • Low cost compared to other wearable devices
  • Low battery usage
  • Wearable - very accurate unlike a smartphone that can have any position or velocity.

The app can be found on the Google Play Store:

Currently the app has 3 modes of operation

  • Android Wear smartwatch - non-automated triggering via widget on the smartwatch
  • Power button triggering
  • On Smartphone lock screen widget 

However, a lot of the target groups do not have the time in a case of emergency to trigger the alarm manully, this is why a solution is needed for consistent and fool proof automatic triggering in a case of emergency, which does not cost a lot and has a long battery life. This is where the Blukii® Smartsensors add this needed advantage.