Blukii Hackfest

Shopping App with Blukii® SmartBeacons

We are using the Blukii® SmartBeacons to enhance an already available smartphone app with merchant deals and promotions.


  • Merchants offering daily deals trying to get to the customers directly
  • Customers receiving the deals without searching
  • Bringing Merchants to Customers without annoying the Customers 


  • Blukii® Smartbeacons bringing the deals to the users
  • Indoor navigation in shopping malls
  • Nonintrusive advertisement
  • Close proximity means the user is near the deal and can make a fast decision

We are bringing this to our existing smartphone application which can be found here:

In the attached hackathon APK we are also showcasing the use case with an app icon in the toolbar - when you click on the launcher icon next to the search icon, the app will enable bluetooth, scan for nearby devices and if found display a daily deal taking the customer directly to the store.

Blukii® Advantages:

  • Low battery usage
  • Close proximity
  • Advantages over Foursquare etc. apps - close proximity and no need for location scans