Code of The Rings - 24-hour Online Hackathon [Code Optimization]
27th Jun 2015, noon BST - 28th Jun 2015, noon BST.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to CodinGame's Code of the Rings online coding contest starting this Saturday, June 27th.

You will have 24 hours to code and optimize your program and prove to everyone that you are the best Code Wizard in Middle Earth.

Over the 24 hours, you will be able to submit your code as much as you like, whenever you like. No restrictions, no obligations :) What will be exciting and fun is that it will be VERY EASY to start and to get something that works, but complex to produce the most efficient solution...

Register online:

  • Participation is 100% free, online, and open to everyone
  • Duration: 24 hours ; 1 game to solve
  • Over 23 coding languages to choose from
  • Prizes to win: video projector, Home Cinema, T-Shirts...
  • Apply to sponsoring companies offering jobs and internships
  • International Leaderboard + Leaderboard by University
time left


1st place - Optoma HD26 video projector

2nd place - Home Cinema 5.1 Bluray 3D LG BH6440P

3rd place - Weta miniature of Gollum

Participant - 1st - 10th place in the Leaderboard: Win a CodinGame T-shirt!