Data Jam - presented by Humana
29th Sep 2016, 1 p.m. EDT - 30th Sep 2016, 4 p.m. EDT.

DATA JAM presented by Humana Union Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Access to the right care, at the right time, at the right place, and at the right price is the holy grail for creating a patient-first user experience in healthcare. Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Ky., is a leading health and well-being company focused on making it easy for people to achieve their best health with clinical excellence through coordinated care. Humana, in partnership with Spry Health, has set its sights on improving the Member (Humana’s customer – the patient) experience in better empowering their Members to search, vet and connect with providers (Humana’s partner - healthcare clinicians) contracted in its network.


One winning team (based on criteria outlined above) will be selected to win a $5,000 cash prize. In addition to the cash prize for winning the Member, any teams who complete Data Jam will also be invited to bid on any projects related to this initiative that move to a formal RFP process.


  • August 23rdth: Data Jam brief is released along with a call for applications
  • August 23rdth - September 2nd: Data Jam team applications are open
  • September 7th: Teams will be formally invited to participate and, if selected, will be required to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • September 16th: More details and specifics will be released and teams will be encouraged to begin any pre-work they deem necessary
  • SEPTEMBER 29th 1PM Data Jam begins!
  • SEPTEMBER 30th 3PM Data Jam ends and a winner is selected


Humana is an information broker, claims processor and payment engine in healthcare delivery industry. There are systemic and data accuracy issues, frequently associated with providers changing or adding office locations, but not providing updated contact information to the payers like Humana. This causes a significant number of claims processed to have issues with them, mostly due to the customer not understanding who is in and out of network, or what specific services the provider offers.


Inaccurate provider directory data can cause the Member angst, as it makes their out-of-pocket expenses less predictable causing stress when a bill is more than they expected.  In this situation, the Member has to spend time working with the provider and insurer to solve the problem.  For the Provider, it means unhappy patients and time and money spent working with them to resolve.  For the Payer, it means spending time and money working with angry customers to resolve their problems. It means claims spending more time and processes requiring more resources to resolve.


Developing, populating, and maintaining the “ideal” provider directory solution is a complex proposition and an industry-wide problem. Humana and Spry Labs are inviting teams to a 1.5 day Data Jam to unlock new solutions to improve  provider directory data accuracy and serve up a more relevant, consumer-friendly provider searches for the Member experience. Resolving this systemic problem would be a game-changer – making the entire provider search experience less stressful, more predictable, and less costly for everyone involved.


A modern provider-search user experience that allows Members to:

  • Self-service their healthcare provider search
  • Be provided access to accurate data to help customers make informed decisions
  • Have “no financial surprises”


We are seeking teams with as many of the following talents and experiences as possible. While all are welcome to apply, the following will be closely considered when inviting teams to participate.

  • Skillsets: teams should have the following strengths, collectively
    • UX/UI Design
    • Data Architecture
    • Development
  • Relevant Credentials
    • Experience in healthcare workflow, data architecture and aggregation
    • Understanding of patient and provider indexes and related privacy regulations


While a working prototype (piping in real data) is desirable, given the time constraints we would expect:

  • Data architecture diagram and explanation (with an emphasis on proving you can reliably source accurate data).
    • Bonus points if you can demo pulling in live data
  • Design mockups showing the UX/UI of all of the key screens and experiences
    • Bonus points for a clickable prototype


Criteria: Each Data Jam team will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Completeness of all deliverables requested
  • Focus on a data schema that is scalable, believable and well tested/documented
  • Particular focus on ability to provide accurate, up-to-date data to help customers make informed decisions
  • User experience and user interface design; well thought out, highly intuitive and modern interface


  • Data Aggregation Expert
  • Representative Provider
  • Major Humana Business Leaders & Innovation Team


Date: September 29th 1PM – September 30th 4PM

Location: Union Hall, 1313 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202


To be considered for an invite to the Data Jam, you must submit an application for your team here.


Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Ky., is a leading health and well-being company focused on making it easy for people to achieve their best health with clinical excellence through coordinated care. The company’s strategy integrates care delivery, the member experience, and clinical and consumer insights to encourage engagement, behavior change, proactive clinical outreach and wellness for the millions of people we serve across the country.

In July 2015, Aetna announced its desire to purchase Humana for $34.1B. They are the third- and fourth-largest U.S. health insurers, respectively, by revenue; combined, they would have about a million more members.  The deals have passed many regulatory hurdles and looking to close in January 2017.  

Humana's products, services, and partnerships are focused on consumers. These innovations and partnerships represent how Humana translates its unique perspectives on health and benefits to real products and services.

Humana has a mission for mobile health. As technology continues to evolve, so will its ability to help people transform their health. Humana believes healthcare mobile technology should empower people with the tools they need to manage their health and wellness.


Spry Health is modeled as a venture-building studio. Born from Cintrifuse, Spry lives at Union Hall, the epicenter of startup innovation and creative output in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unlike accelerators and incubators, our structure allows leading industry talent to partner with companies to innovate around unique challenges and ideas with rigor and discipline.

Our team is a diverse set of boots-on-the-ground thought leaders. We are clinical experts, product leaders, data geeks and designers.  We are doers who design and solve for the consumer first. With an eye on the future - Spry tackles problems with speed, focus and agility.



Event Host – Spry Health:

Emily Geiger, Managing Director, Spry Health, part of Spry Labs



Patrick Henshaw, Director, Cintrifuse



Event Sponsor – Humana, Inc.

Jennifer Day, Director of Strategy and Innovation for Humana Employer Group Service Operations


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1st place - Grand Prize Winner!! - $5,000 Cash!!