Hack the Mass Customization for 3D Printing
7th Dec 2018, 3 p.m. GMT - 9th Dec 2018, 2 p.m. GMT, Location: EIT Digital, Franklinstraße 14, Berlin, 10587, Germany.

3D printing is a rapidly developing mass customization tool providing flexibility, speed in productizing and creating new business opportunities.

We challenge you to find an interesting practical problem for which you develop a product solution using CADbased mass customization. Develop a process-oriented overall concept that integrates product design,
customization, customer interaction and (automated) manufactoring. Show how your concept is enabled by
mass customization.

Create a practical cloud solution, write powerful CAD scripts and build a customer interface with state-of-theart web technology. To enable your challenge, we recommend you build a web-based configurator.

For this we offer you to use the paramate system by trinckle 3D GmbH. Your solution will be business ready and generate data that can directly be utilized for automated manufacturing (3D printing).

  • Apply by 26 November for the challenge at http://ultrahack.org/berlinhack2018 and complete your profile.
  • Enter a ‘Submission’ by adding the project name and thorough description.
  • Add team members. Teams can be up to 5 people. Each team member needs to register individually to join the submission.
  • Shortlisted teams will be invited to the event, where they will code and pitch their solution to the judges.


    EIT Digital, Franklinstraße 14, 10587 Berlin

    Total prize fund
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    1st place - 1000€ per team member

    Prizes: Cash prize for the winning team 2000 - 5000€ (1000€/team member up to 5 members), Software license for all finalists (1year), worth of 10k€ as well as recruiting and partnership opportunities with trinckle.