Hackers Unite! Save The Seas. Support Sustainable Fishing. Fishackathon Amsterdam 2016.
22nd Apr 2016, 5 p.m. CEST - 24th Apr 2016, 5 p.m. CEST, Location: Forteiland 10, IJmuiden, 1976 DZ , Netherlands.

Fishackathon Netherlands was established to congregate brilliant minds for the purpose of developing usable solutions to address the problem of worldwide overfishing. Overfishing harms the marine environment and diminishes the already meager income of small scale fishermen. Fishackathon brings together computer programmers to find innovative ways to collect and analyze data, and find solutions for unsustainable fishing practices.

Fishackathon 2016 is hosted by the U.S. Department of State, and is the third annual event.

Register at http://www.bit.ly/fishackathonNL

See video here.


Great Prizes

Besides the grand cash prize of $10,000 and $25,000 in development support, we will throw in some local ‘money can’t buy’ prizes. But the real prize is helping solve some of the serious problems we face in the decimation of marine life around the world!

Free food and drinks!

We’ll have an array of healthy food and drinks for all at the event. Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs before the event by contacting us once you are selected to attend. Vegetarian food will be available.

Ocean Data

We are going into space to provide you with the best data sets available for the oceans and marine environment from leading government and private resources – some from space!

Great Speakers

We’ll have amazing speakers on Sustainable Fishing, Space, Internet of Things, Big Data, Serious Gaming and more at Fishackathon Amsterdam 2016!

Fishackathon is a wonderful example of how we can use technology to address some of the world’s most challenging issues. As an animal lover, ocean enthusiast, member of the OceanElders and supporter of Ocean Unite, I’m passionate about protecting the ocean and its species, and am looking forward to seeing what wonderful innovations the Fishackathon spurs. I encourage all coders and fish fans, or anyone else who’s interested, to participate in this event.

Richard Branson 
Founder Virgin

Every day the world gets more connected. We generate more data. We learn more about humans and the ocean – even in remote islands and the smallest fisheries. That’s why I’m optimistic that mobile technology can help us solve the ocean’s toughest challenges. So I can’t wait to see what the coding community – in more than 40 cities across six continents – comes up with for Fishackathon this Earth Day weekend. #codeforfish!

Tim Fitzgerald 
Director    Impact, Fishery Solutions Center - Environmental Defense Fund

Fishackathon began in five cities in 2014 and grew to 12 domestic and international locations in 2015. The global presence for this year’s Fishackathon is unprecedented, tripling the locations from last year. With a dozen cities participating across the United States along with events occurring in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, Fishackathon is a testament to the growing use of innovation and competitions as a tool for government.

Thomas Debass 
Deputy Special Representative Secretary's Office of Global Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State

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