HackNews Datathon
25th Jan 2019, 6 p.m. EET - 27th Jan 2019, 6 p.m. EET.

#HackNews Datathon | All around the World - 25-27. January 2018

"Propaganda is the new weapon which influences people opinions or believes at certain ideology whether that ideology is right or wrong."

Working toward that direction will make the domain popular and many open-sourced solutions can be generated. Early identification of propaganda is crucial to start fighting the manipulation spread in news and test hypothesis such as which news sources are biased and propagandistic. It will also benefit the individual user who will be able to check the integrity of news sources.

The Mission

This motivated us, the Data Science Society to organize a "Hack the News" Datathon, a Data Science Hackathon open to the global community.

Data Enthusiasts and Experts in the area of text-mining and NLP are challenged to develop a machine learning model for identifying propaganda using their preferred data analysis methods and tools and following a cutting-edge methodology.

We believe that having fun all together solving such a problem is something we need to focus on!

Join the Challenge at http://bit.ly/2RZiEHJ!

Support the cause of fighting news propaganda at http://bit.ly/2S4cupY

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The Prize amount rises each day by the crowdfunding initiative at http://bit.ly/2S4cupY