Last Man Standing - A Data Science Competition
29th Jan 2016, midnight GMT - 31st Jan 2016, midnight GMT.

If you are reading this, Congratulations!

Do you know what brought you here? It’s your curiosity, love for data science and your intrinsic drive to become successful. We sincerely appreciate that!

This new year can truly be a special one for all of us. With us, you can become better than what you are right now.

We live by a ‘passion’ of helping people learn, compete and improve in data science / analytics.  

Thousands of people around the globe have participated and gained immense knowledge from our hackathons. If you also participated last time, here’s another opportunity for you. But this time ‘Be The Last Man Standing’.

But, if you haven’t, it’s time to explore your uniqueness and make a resolution which will show the world your real potentials!  After all, it’s all about winning, failing, learning and surviving.

Analytics Vidhya’s  Last Man Standing, a data science competition is Live Now for Registrations. This is a 3 day competition. The competition will be held from 29th – 31s January 2016.


Winning Prize

The Winner will receive amazon vouchers worth Rs. 30,000.


Important Points

  • To participate in this competition, you must have knowledge of SAS/R/Python/Julia/Go
  • You must have knowledge of machine learning algorithms
  • You must have data exploration skills.
  • These is NO Registration FEES.


Start Preparing:

Don’t give up! If you aren’t confident to take this challenge, we have prepared an exclusive hackathon guide for you. Check this out:  A Complete Hackathon Practice Guide


Other Details

  • The contest starts at 00:00(IST) on 29th January 2016, when the data set and the problem statement will be released
  • No submissions would be accepted after 31st January 2016 (11:59 PM IST)
  • People are free and are encouraged to post their challenges / findings / solutions on the discussion portal in the following category: Online hackathon
  • The best entry as judged by the metric and Analytics Vidhya gets the Amazon Voucher worth Rs.30,000(~$450)
  • You are suggested to join this forum during the battle. You'll find live chat sessions amongst the data scientists: Slack
  • After the end of contest, we will release winner's solution to the wider community


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1st place - Amazon gift Voucher of Rs 30,000