Melbourne Science Hackfest
4th Mar 2016, 7 p.m. AEDT - 6th Mar 2016, 4 p.m. AEDT, Location: Lab 14, Carlton Connect, University of Melbourne, 700 Swanston Street, , Carlton , 3053, Australia.

ANDS, CSIRO, NeCTAR, TERN, ALA, AURIN, RDS, AuScope, IMOS and University of Melbourne have joined forces to put on a weekend Hackfest in Lab 14, Carlton Connect, University of Melbourne (700 Swanston Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053) from 4-6 March, 2016.

Melbourne Science Hackfest aims to:

  • Foster connections/interactions between data consumers and NCRIS, CSIRO data providers
  • Promote data synthesis activities across different domains
  • Encourage the development of innovative data products or knowledge systems that may be useful to the wider public
  • Demonstrate the innovative value of scientific data
  • Further Australia's ability to respond to grand challenges by using data of national significance

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1st place - Best Science Hack

Sponsored by CSIRO


2nd place - Best Science Hack (runner up)

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Winner - Best use of Scientific Computing Infrastructure

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