Teamchat Botathon
29th Oct 2015, 10 a.m. IST - 30th Oct 2015, 10 a.m. IST, Location: Techsparks 2015 ,Sheraton Grand, Brigade Gateway,, Bengaluru, India, 560055, India.

About Teamchat

The trend of messaging:

The messaging app is the most popular app on smartphones. In an emerging trend, messaging apps are expanding scope to now subsume other services that were previously independent apps. For example, Wechat, the Chinese messaging app, and Line, the Japanese messaging app, and Facebook Messenger are gradually becoming full-fledged platforms. The Wechat and Line messaging apps, nay platforms, enable users to shop, order pizza, book a taxi, do banking, send payments, and just recently, even stock trading. Hipchat enables bug tracking and task management along with messaging. 


What is Teamchat?

Teamchat is an app + platform that has taken this idea to its logical extreme. Teamchat pioneered two new ideas: “smart” messages and messaging bots. Unlike other messaging apps that deal with plain-text messages, Teamchat's smart messages carry context along with the content. Smart messages can render and handle themselves, just like mini web pages. Smart messages can thread, aggregate or link related messages, thereby reducing clutter. Teamchat can be integrated with other systems or IOT devices, enabling automated messaging workflows. Messaging bots are computer programs that read and write messages, just like human users. However, messaging bots can automate workflows and provide advanced services. To make messaging between bots and humans easier, Teamchat introduced “smart” messages. Unlike plain-text messages, smart messages are structured entities that can render themselves and respond to user actions. Smart messages make communication unambiguous eliminating the need for natural language processing, which is not as reliable. With smart messaging and messaging bots, enterprises can automate business workflows such as sales tracking, lead management, approval workflows, retail operations, attendance monitoring, social commerce and much more. 

Why Teamchat Bots?

Since messaging is becoming the new platform, and bots are becoming the new apps, these trends open up new possibilities for mobile developers. They should now build bots instead of apps. Bots involve server-side code that is faster to develop, easier to maintain and is platform-independent. Bots offer the same advantages over apps that web pages did over desktop apps. Developing bots can substantially reduce time to market for emerging startups. Iterating over bot code is much faster, enabling developers to reach product-market fit sooner. Bots offer tremendous benefits to the end-user too. She doesn’t need to download yet another app – she can use the service right in her messaging app. Also, it is more natural to communicate via messaging rather than using custom interfaces. Consequently, customer acquisition and retention becomes easier for mobile developers. See more


The Challenge:


1. Using smart messaging paradigm, develop vertical specific client solutions. Example case studies available on


2. Using smart messaging paradigm, integrate Teamchat with external applications like Jira, Facebook etc 


3. Using smart messaging paradigm, create utility bots like weather updates, recipe, jokes etc. Examples available on:-



Getting started with Teamchat Bots:

1. Register on for the hackathon.

2. Go to:


4. Enter your credentials and click on REGISTER

5. Your request will be sent for approval to the Teamchat team

6. Login to and click on API EXPLORER

7. If your request is approved, you will see an API Key generated for yourself.

8. Visit the specified link to know how to get started on Bots:




Win prizes worth up to Rs.1,50,000/- in various categories

Cash prize of Rs.50,000 each to 2 top winners

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