TrustNote Payment & IoT Online Hackathon
14th Jan 2019, 10 a.m. AEDT - 28th Feb 2019, 4 p.m. AEDT.


Are you interested in building trust in e-commerce, internet of things (IoT) and integrate crypto payment into autonomous online services and things?

TrustNote Payment & IoT Online Hackathon is geared towards anyone with basic web development skills and everyone who supports our mission of building a truly decentralized ledger system that is fast, scalable, and inclusive. The goal of the hackathon is to bring together people with genuine interest on IoT, e-commerce and Blockchain to gain new skills, have fun, and work together to build trust and payment facilities in the new world of autonomous online services and things.

We welcome your expertise at any level, whether you are a student, developer, maker, researcher or entrepreneur. With support from experienced mentors, you will be working as teams or individuals, and to come up with innovative crypto payment system for autonomous online services and things. This hackathon is geared towards all skill levels. If this is your first hackathon, you will fit right in! If you are a seasoned professional ready to lead a dedicated team, this event is also for you!

The hackathon will be held online from 14/Jan/2019 to 28/Feb/2019, application will be accepted from 3/Dec/2018 to 31/Jan/2019.

Our aim is to provide a welcoming and supportive space to learn about IoT, e-commerce & Blockchain, work on a new project, or spend your time tinkering with online services and hardware.

There will be over $5000 in prizes! Come out and hack! In order to attend please register here by close of January 31, 2019.




Autonomous things (AuT) is an emerging technology takes machine learning a step further, it is expected to bring computers into the physical environment as autonomous entities making complex decisions without human direction, freely moving and interacting with humans and other objects on its own, or autonomously.


How autonomous things could take advantage of the Blockchain technology for facilitating an IoT enabled payment system that without human direction?




E-commerce has been around for decades now, the e-commerce market has become increasingly competitive, with players of all sizes offering similar products and services, businesses have to embrace smarter business models and technologies to stay in the race. Besides the challenge of huge competition, the traditional business model has middlemen who take away a hefty share of the earnings during the selling process.


How to improve online business’s operational efficiency, customer engagement, or cost-effectiveness using the Blockchain technology?



  • 2 x $2,000 USD prize ($500 Cash + $1,500 $TTT Token) and Certificate of Achievement for top performers in each challenge (2 challenges)!
  • 2 x $800 USD prize ($100 Cash + $700 $TTT Token) and Certificate of Achievement for second best performers in each challenge (2 challenges)!
  • 1 x TrustNote’s Choice Awards (20,000 $TFans Token) and Certificate of TrustNote’s Choice Awards among all challenges!
  • Give away gifts (5,000 $TFans Token) for every team participates the hackathon!



PC, mobile, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Banana Pi, Nano Pi, or any IoT device/platform



TrustNote Cockatoo APIs for Payment & IoT Hackathon:



  • Registration: 3/Dec/2018 to 31/Jan/2019
  • Hackathon: 14/Jan/2019 to 28/Feb/2019
  • Evaluation & Prize Announcement: 1/Mar/2019 to 15/Mar/2019



We know some rules are meant to be broken, but you should definitely stick by these:

  • TrustNote Cockatoo APIs – At least 3 API calls in the code.
  • Demos – You should include a product demo video no longer than 5 minutes, so the judges can watch it together with your code.
  • Ownership and IP - You own your IP and whatever you create.
  • Team Size - You can join as team or individual, no more than five people in any team.
  • By participating to this event, you are agreeing to follow our Code of Conduct


    Projects will be judged based on the following criteria:

    • Technical Deployment: How well the solution is developed? – 25%
    • Consumer Centric: How much does the solution consider the consumer? – 25%
    • Usefulness: Is the solution useful? – 25%
    • Innovation: How innovative is the solution? – 25%

    Hackathon winners will be determined by a panel of judges comprised of Blockchain, IoT professionals, entrepreneurs and TrustNote community members. The prizes will be announced by March 15, 2019.



    All skill levels are welcome. We are looking for developers, makers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in learning more about Blockchain, e-commerce and the Internet of Things.



    If you're looking to partner or volunteer with us, contact us at:

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