WRT Loyalty SDK

Loyalty has become an integrated part of card holder's payment experience.

We at Welcome Real-time provides a loyalty solution from the front-end facing customer to the back end. The front-end is integrated with Payment flow providing a real time and instant reward/redeem. The front-end communicates with the Backend which provides the reward/redeem data. Once the loyalty process is done, the final purchase amount is handed over to Payment part for authorization.

We are building a two-layer Loyalty SDK that can be integrated with any mPOS payment application on Albert.

SDK solution is chosen for flexibility and variety of look and feel of the loyalty part but still has the full features offered by Welcome Real-Time.

The two-layer SDK comprises of High Level and Low Level. The low level provides only loyalty data to the calling application. The High Level is about presentation of the loyalty data for the user: customer or merchant. The High Level is bundled with the Low Level to function.

Which one to use?

Depending on the project, if time to market is the key, then integrating the High level SDK in less then one day will be the best solution. The drawback is the theme and layout of the UI and receipt which is defined by WRT. There will be a selection of theme and layout to choose.

If the project requires a customized UI and receipt, then integrating the Low level SDK is recommended. The low level SDK only deals with the loyalty data and do the online transaction to WRT Loyalty server. The project needs to understand the loyalty data returns by the SDK in order to present them. They also has to understand the sequence or flow required in order to perform loyalty.



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