Urban Data Hack to Kick Off in Belfast, Saturday 25th April

Urban DataHack, set to kick off in Belfast, Northern Ireland Saturday 25th April is a data-driven Hackathon which revolves around data analysis and visualisation with the aim of improving public services in the Belfast area.

This event will give like-minded individuals the opportunity to use big data and analytics technologies to build innovative applications, create elegant visualisations and expose game changing trends on data driving the people, workforce and education of Belfast. Run in partnership with Belfast City Council, Urban Data Hack gives developers the chance to develop data solutions to real, socially relevant challenges using a combination of specific and open data.

What are the challenges Urban Data are setting?

Barriers To Recycling : What factors impact the amount we recycle in various areas of the city at different times? How can Belfast City Council better encourage an increase in recycling? How could money saved from increased recycling be channelled back into our community?

Skills Vs Employment : Which areas of industry are employing the most people here in Northern Ireland? Are the areas of demand reflected in the higher education choices made by the population? Which areas are most likely to produce people with certain skillsets?

Freestyle; They have set this for the the creative folk out there. Using any or all available datasets, create and develop an innovative solution that you think will improve the lives of people in Belfast.

There were recommendations that for Barriers to Recycling this could be a small mobile app to receive push notifications about waste in the area or a simple web app to assist a universities marketing campaign for Skills vs. Employment.


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