Your Values Hackathon Blueprint
21st May 2016, noon PDT - 21st May 2017, noon PDT.

So you've built the app and sketched out a business model.  

If you really want to be the make-the-world-a-better-place tech rockstar you envision yourself to be, then before you throw your new idea out into the world, hack your model/app/design with these questions in mind:

  • In what ways could my business idea places the burden of risk on my customer? How can I design for avoiding that? 
  • In what ways am I taking public policy and safety regulations into account in my model?  
  • Have I thought about and planned for a worse-case scenario (what if bad people or sloppy people or uncaring people want to be part of my share model?  would my model be safe for my kid or my kid sister?) use of the model so that risk is reduced before it even goes to market?  How does my app handle that?
  • How have I made the risks transparent to my customer base in my app and model?  
  • How have I figured out a way in my business model to share in any risk my model creates rather than leave it to my customer? 
  • How is my model/app exemplifying the "values outcome" I'm seeking?  

If you've Values Hacked your company and want to share, do it here

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