IBC Hackfest 2015 - Amsterdam

Live Coding Music / Algorave

algorave-codingNon-stop hacking, live coding and dancing to an algorave is what's all about at the upcoming IBC Hackfest event, hosted in the heart of the world's largest international broadcasting conference at the RAI in Amsterdam, the world's greatest party city!

For most people, the only type of code involved in clubbing is a dress code. However, it turns out there's a whole musical subculture based around watching people who love computers create dance music with live computer coding. "Algorave" – or algorithmic rave – is a scene and club night that has defined its music as: "sounds wholly or partly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive conditionals"

- Daniel Dylan Wray, VICE

Live Coding Music Concert 

Besides all the hacking, we are extremely excited to host two nights of live coding mayhem in collaboration with Livecoding.tv and Toplap collective. Some of Toplap's best live coding artists, such as the inventor of the algorave Alex McLeanAlexandra Cárdenas, Rodrigo Ramírez, Shelly Knotts and Mike Hodnick will be showing off their skills through the Livecoding.tv platform - an educational livestreaming platform for watching engineers code products live.


For the ones not known with the practise of live coding, or 'on-the-fly programming', this is a new direction in electronic music and video, where live coders expose and rewire the internal workings of software while generating improvised music and/or visuals. Their live code is made visible by projecting the computer screen on a large projector screen. 

Check out this documentary to learn more about the art of live coding and watch this experimental live coding stream below.


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