IBC Hackfest 2015 - Amsterdam

Sponsors and Partners

Twitter IBC Hackfest Fabric
Build the best apps
. Fabric is a modular mobile platform that helps you build the best apps.
Grow Your Business
The Twitter API is a flexible platform that enables partners to build great campaign, marketing, and customer service solutions.
Gain unique insight
Gnip helps organizations leverage Twitter data to make better decisions and gain unique insight into customer and market behavior.
amazon ibc hackfest Amazon Web Services provides Amazon’s developer customers with access to in-the-cloud infrastructure services based on Amazon’s own back-end technology platform, which developers can use to enable virtually any type of business. Using the Amazon portal, developers can distribute their mobile apps, digital software, and video games on Android, PC, Mac, and web-based platforms.
Monterosa logo IBC Hackfestlvis ibc hackfest Monterosa's LViS Platform is the 2nd Screen platform made for scale and versatility. Rapidly deploy games, voting and live interactivity for TV Shows, Sports & Events. Both ready-made apps & APIs for your developers. Massively scalable, with SLAs and enterprise-grade support.
Genius Digital Genius Digital help the broadcasting and media industries use data to drive their businesses. Operators use this to reduce churn, acquire new customers, sell advertising, and more.
helps TV operators and broadcasters do more with that data. They are firm believers in the transformative power that data can have on a business, and believe that the TV industry has only scratched the surface in terms of what can be done with it.
Streamzilla Streaming is in the DNA of Streamzilla. Hundreds of broadcasters, publishers, sport clubs, studios, advertising agencies, video producers and brands chose StreamZilla as the preferred CDN for their professional media streaming services. StreamZilla pioneered live streaming in 1994 and they are the only CDN specialized in media delivery: radio, VOD, webcasts, media objects, linear channels and OTT. Whether you want to stream to smart TVs, smart phones, set top boxes, tablets, computers or cinemas: we deliver in any format to any client.
Beatgrid Beatgrid Media provides software solutions to make TV & Radio content Clickable, Measurable and Personal. We help boost results for Advertisers, Content-owners and Media-companies with one of the lightest and Fastest Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology in the market. Beatgrid's ACR provides advanced on-device or server side content matching from analog or digital sources, such as Live Radio, Live TV, Music and Movies. The algorithms can be customized for specific applications.


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