IBC Hackfest 2015 - Amsterdam

Partner Challenges (More Prizes!)


Content Delivery Networks are used to deliver video streams to end users. The performance of these CDNs can fluctuate. Broadcasters dynamically want to use the best performing CDN per region, per ISP.

StreamZilla is helping broadcasters by offering dynamic CDN switching. Some vendors are relying on retrieving user based web page load times. But web page load data is not representative for actual video performance. StreamZilla therefore uses a global agents based CDN performance monitoring network to measure actual video performance.  

But wouldn't it be cool to merge these ideas and actually measure video performance speeds inside end user browsers/video players and to bring this data to the broadcasters?

Let's give broadcasters insight in how CDNs perform per country and per internet access provider. Let's give broadcasters insights in how individual streams have performed.

Why is this a cool challenge?

1) You need to think about what kind of data is really relevant for video streaming performance. Is it latency? Is it bandwidth? Or both? Can you measure how fast video chunks are being downloaded by each individual client? Up to which bit rates are you going to measure?

2) Your solution should be able to work in most media clients, inside browsers, video players, smart tv's and set top boxes. What if you can't run javascript?

3) Your solution should work regardless the underlying video streaming technology such as HLS, DASH, Smooth and HDS.

4) Your solution should be able to measure the performance of multiple CDNs and it should be relatively easy to add other CDNs and other delivery infrastructures to be monitored.

5) Let's assume that everyone in Europe will watch a Football match and your solution needs to measure and report performance for all these users. How to scale this?

6) The output of your solution should be an API with (relative) performance indication per ISP, per CDN. So we want to know which CDN (Amazon Cloudfront for instance) performs best in Telefonica in Spain.

7) How about interface features? Dazzling statistics? A map of Europe which shows heat map information on delivered performance?

8) Bonus requirement! Let's say an end user purchased access to a video. But the performance was bad and this user complains. So broadcasters would like to be able to log in, and find the performance history of a specific stream to see what went wrong.

The team that develops the coolest solution wins €1000,- and eternal fame :-)


The challenge will centre around the best use of Twitter API or Fabric in a hack. Prizes TBA


Monterosa's LViS platform powers real-time interaction, gaming and sports data.

We've partnered with sports data providers STATS to give you exclusive access to raw football player tracking data from their SportVU camera system. It tracks the XYZ coordinates of each player, referee and the ball throughout a real game.

We're challenging you to mash up live tracking data with interactive predictions, ratings or polls to create a new interactive experience or game. Prize €500 euro.

Genius Digital

Genius Digital provide a number of SDKs and APIs for return path data collection and APIs for presentation of Insights data.

The challenge is to create an innovative application utilising the APIs and collected data sets in the area of Consumer Insights.

A Prize of €500 for the selected winner.

Beatgrid Media

Beatgrid Media empowers you to recognize content and make traditional Broadcast Media Interact

Broadcast media comes alive with our lightweight content fingerprinting technology. 

We challenge you to create New Content Engagement, New Media Research & Measurement and New Monetisation with our Automatic Content Recognition SDK. 500 euro for prize!


We challenge you to create

New Content Engagement, 

New Media Research & Measurement 

and New Monetisation applications

with our Automatic Content Recognition sdk.


•       Create 2nd screen Synced advertising from broadcast media recognition 

•       Real-time detection of live Sports channels and content through Amazon AWS or from Streamzilla stream

•       Trigger Ads on a Twitter timeline or within the Second-Screen app environment from Monterosa

•       To Mash the Content Recognition data with consumer behavior insights using the API from Genius Digital


•       Create reference fingerprint database with your favorite music files or your iTunes library

•       Monitor a Music TV channel or radio station of your choice until the end of the Hackfest

•       And try to get as many matches as possible to create a Music monitoring report

Download our SDK at beatgridmedia.com/ibc/

Page password: IBC2015