Winners of Ubuntu's first Indian hackathon will receive a Dell laptop and BQ phone

Canonical, developers of the world's most popular Linux distro, Ubuntu, are hosting a hackathon October 15th – 16th with some interesting prizes for the winners. The hackathon was announced yesterday and will take place in Bangalore, the capital of India's southern Karnataka state. 

"With Bangalore being a developer hub, we are very excited to meet all the talented developers from across India and are get them hacking on the latest operating system to hit the Indian market," said Amrisha, Social Media and...

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Microsoft could be grabbing developers for Google Cardboard rival at hackathon

Microsoft's HoloLens is perhaps the most impressive demonstration of what VR could become in the not-so-distant future, but it's sure to arrive with a cost out-of-reach for most ordinary folk. Google Cardboard, on the other hand, is an incredible example of how to create a VR experience yourself or for just a small amount of your local currency. 

The uphill battle the entire VR industry faces is proving that virtual reality is worth...

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Gramophone created at Pebble hackathon

Sometimes the best things are when the old meets new; which most techies would agree is what's happening with smartwatches. One of the smartwatch pioneers is Pebble who has continued to grow from strength-to-strength. Instead of fading-out like most Kickstarter companies, the firm debuted a follow-up device earlier this year. 

Pebble's second big release, Pebble Time, features innovative "Smart Straps" which can add functionality to the watch through connecting with the magnetic port on the...

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HackingEDU aims to fix the "flawed" education system

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The HackingEDU event on October 23rd has attracted over 1000 hackers who are preparing to battle it out for 36 hours to revitalise the flawed and archaic education system. Their training day alone – held at PayPal’s HQ – packed 400 attendees and had over 1500 signups.

Hackfest (HF) caught up with one of the hackathon's founders, Daniel Minjares (DM), to find out more about the event and its wider mission. 

HF: What are you hoping to...

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REshape the future of healthcare

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During the 28th- 30th August 2015, the REshape Center at Radboud University is collaborating with HackingHealth on its first Dutch event aimed at taking advantage of new technologies... 

HackingHealth are leading hosts of health-related hackathons around the world including events in several major countries such as the United States, Canada, UK, France, Australia,...

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Apple Watch Hackathons in May - San Francisco and Prague

STRV, a full service mobile and digital agency, will host its first public Apple Watch "Hack-a-Thon" Saturday, May 9 in Prague, Czech Republic, followed up by May 23, at its offices in San Francisco, CA.   The events are being hosted in order to come up with innovative app ideas for the Apple Watch. The events, part of the new STRV Labs research platform, will closely follow the highly anticipated April 24 release of Apple's new Apple Watch, which was announced last week.

"Hackathons are about ideas," says STRV CEO, David...

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