NBC Universal is hosting its first UK hackathon

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US-based entertainment giant, NBC Universal, is holding a hackathon in the UK next month in the search for new innovation. The event is titled "The Future of Content Creation, Distribution, and Monetisation in a Connected World" and is being led by NBC Universal's Media Labs Division - a new $72 million (£44 million) innovation hub at the company. 

The 36 hour event follows an...

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Hired.com virtual hackathon to be held May 15th

Virtual hackathons allow developers to participate without the need for all the various travel expenses and hassle of attending events in person - which is why Hired has decided to host their second ever hackathon online via Programmr. 

You must be in Europe to participate, and the rewards have been doubled since the last event as the recruitment marketplace was so delighted with the results of their previous contest based in San Francisco. 

The winner of the "Open Data Coding Contest" was SFHired Bikeway...

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'Haqqathon' takes the virtual fight to ISIS extremists

A group of Muslim scholars held a "haqqathon" last week in the United Arab Emirates with the aim of enabling new ways for respected Islamic scholars from various branches of the religion to engage with young Muslims and help prevent them from being groomed by violent extremists like the self-proclaimed Islamic State. 

In Arabic, 'haqq' is the word for truth which makes the perfect title for the event and what it aims to spread. It took place in Abu Dhabi on the sidelines of the Forum for Promoting Peace in...

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Show your "high" skill at the GrassRoots hackathon

With many states in the US changing their laws to allow the use of marijuana for recreational use, it was just a matter of time before hackathons for it were introduced. GrassRoots is a hackathon based in Seattle which aims to gather entrepreneurs, hackers, designers, and more on May 29-31 at the WeWork center to progress cannabis-related technology.

Undoubtedly it will be social apps which lead the pack, but there is a whole industry growing rapidly around its new legal status...

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Hack your way to Broadway on May 11th - 12th

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Theatre isn't for everyone, but it could just be that it needs a little modernising. Broadway theatre is a termed coined for most high-end shows, but it was born in the grand theatre districts of New York City where shows are deemed to be the best English-speaking performances in the world. 

Naturally, Broadway theatre productions are a huge tourist attraction for NYC. A two-day hackathon is being held at...

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Winners emerge from Disrupt NY 2015 hackathon

As the Disrupt NY hackathon comes to a close for 2015 - it's time to look at the winner, the bigger winner, and the biggest winner of this popular annual event. Hundred of hackers were in attendance at the Manhattan Center in New York, and challenged with creating a hack in just 24 hours... 

The Winner - MoolahMe

Apple Pay and Google Wallet might be attempting to remove our need to carry cash - or even a card - with us anywhere, but there are still times where only notes or change will suffice. We've all...

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Sacapalooza youth hackathon to be held May 9th - 10th

A hackathon for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 is being held at 4804 Granite Drive, Rocklin CA on the weekend of May 9th and 10th. Sacapalooza kicks-off at 9am on Saturday and ends at 5:30pm on Sunday. Only 75 students are able to attend, so sign-up quick if you plan on participating! 

The hackathon is being sponsored by Hacker Lab and Sierra College to ensure participants have access to the best resources during the event. Teaching will be provided by community volunteers and local...

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Major League Hacking brings 'BrickHack' to RIT this weekend

As part of the Major League Hacking's Spring 2015 competition schedule, the official student hackathon league will launch a 24-hour hackathon called 'BrickHack' to the Rochester Institute of Technology this weekend.

Hundreds of students from RIT and 15 other colleges are expected to participate in the event, with the aim of creating the best new web and mobile apps, games, and hardware hacks in the fast-paced environment which hackathons are known for.

Teams which will consist of computer...

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Seoul To Host Huge International Hackathon - 2000 expected to attend

The Seoul Metro Government is teaming up with Global Hackathon to host the first international city¬-backed Hackathon — expected to be the largest ever. The event will take place from July 29 – August 1, 2015, at the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul’s Gangnam district.

And the Mayor of Seoul invites you to hack in South Korea. Flights and accommodation are paid for but there will be a modest event fee to participate.

The growing wave of startups and entrepreneurs in Seoul has attracted...

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London Has the Top Hackers in The World – More than Silicon Valley

In a recent Venturebeat article titled: Data: Best programming talent in the world is not in California - London came out on top in terms of having the most top-ranked Stack Overflow users which translate to the top hackers in the world.

If you had to name the best place in the world to find top programmer talent, you'd probably say California, right? But we recently found some compelling data that shows that’s not the case. In fact, not only does California not rank as the top U.S. state for programming...

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AT&T and NYU's "Connect Ability Challenge" aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities

Significant technological advancements in both hardware and software have already made the lives of people living with physical, social, emotional, and cognitive disabilities easier, but developers have been called to take this a step-further with the launch of the Connect Ability Challenge...

Hosted by New York University's ABILITY Lab and telecommunications-giant AT&T, the challenge will have developers competing for more than $100,000 in prizes to design software,...

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Dubai Internet City Hosts First Successful Social Impact Hackathon In Dubai

Dubai Internet City ( DIC ), the MENA region's largest ICT hub, was the headline partner for HackaMENA, the first social impact hackathon in the region, held from 2-4 April at in5, the innovation centre launched by DIC . The event was organised by The D. GmbH, a youth-driven digital development company that provides smart and innovative tech solutions.

HackaMENA gathered over 70 attendees who flew in from Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The participants formed teams...

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VoteHack aims to get non-voters to the polls

As the UK parliament gets dissolved this morning, all the major parties have begun their campaigns ahead of the general election on May 7th. Potential members of parliament up and down the country will be rallying their supporters, hoping to pull some from their rivals, and attempting to persuade some of the huge pool of non-voters to head to the polls.

But shocking research from the last election in 2010 revealed the amount of non-voters (15.9 million) outnumbered the supporters of any political party in the...

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Kayak runs hackathon to recruit for Cambridge office

If you're a company which requires cutting-edge innovation and the brains behind such technology to remain ahead in an increasingly competitive industry, what is the best way to recruit employees for your dynamic new office? Well the obvious answer is to host a hackathon. 

Kayak, the travel search company, opened its 42,000-square-foot technology headquarters in Cambridge earlier this year. There are already 90 people working out of it, but the office has space for up to 200 which Kayak wants to help fill...

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RVA Hackathon is Back (to the Future) for 2015

Now in its fourth year, the RVA Hackathon is a ten-hour event presented by Mobelux which aims to test the skills and endurance of digital creators. It is being held the same year as when the iconic Back to the Future Part II film was set, and therefore its organisers have decided to use this to promote an event which is sure to launch some future-changing products... 

During last year's event, held at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, some of the creations at the event found a significant amount of success. One...

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Hack The Rails: Bloomberg Backs Europe’s First Rail-Based Hackathon

On Friday March 27th, 40 of the best developers, designers and entrepreneurial brains from across Europe will climb aboard HackTrain – Europe’s first train travel-focused hackathon – for a unique and inspiring three-day journey,  powered by Bloomberg.

Departing from London’s King’s Cross on Friday 27 March, HackTrain will travel through four major UK cities home to tech clusters, transport hubs, co-working spaces and market makers in the startup ecosystem.

At the first stop in London, leading rail executives...

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Apple Watch Hackathons in May - San Francisco and Prague

STRV, a full service mobile and digital agency, will host its first public Apple Watch "Hack-a-Thon" Saturday, May 9 in Prague, Czech Republic, followed up by May 23, at its offices in San Francisco, CA.   The events are being hosted in order to come up with innovative app ideas for the Apple Watch. The events, part of the new STRV Labs research platform, will closely follow the highly anticipated April 24 release of Apple's new Apple Watch, which was announced last week.

"Hackathons are about ideas," says STRV CEO, David...

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Urban Data Hack to Kick Off in Belfast, Saturday 25th April

Urban DataHack, set to kick off in Belfast, Northern Ireland Saturday 25th April is a data-driven Hackathon which revolves around data analysis and visualisation with the aim of improving public services in the Belfast area.

This event will give like-minded individuals the opportunity to use big data and analytics technologies to build innovative applications, create elegant visualisations and expose game changing trends on data driving the people, workforce and education of Belfast. Run in partnership with...

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