Hackathon for nexpaq kicks-off next month

(Image Credit: nexpaq)

A hackathon for modular smartphone case 'nexpaq' kicks-off next month in Melbourne to bring together hardware makers and hackers to create brand-new modules for the innovative new accessory which allows users to upgrade their own handsets. 

“We are very excited about the upcoming nexpaq Hackathon,” Dr Charlie Day, Project Director of the Carlton Connect Initiative, said. “Having hosted one before, we see the benefits and value of Hackathons here at CCI. Hackathons...

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ESA invites lucky developers to Space App Camp

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As people around the world stare at images of Pluto, the ESA (European Space Agency) is organising its 'Space App Camp' due to be held at the agency's ESRIN facility in Frascati, Italy on the 14th - 21st September. 

The camp aims to make use of all the space data we now have access to, and innovate with it so a range of citizens from all technical backgrounds can make use of the data in creative new...

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ProtoHack is the hackathon for non-coders

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To attend a hackathon, you would expect to require some knowledge of programming. ProtoHack's mission is to change this idea through being "the only code-free hackathon for non-technical entrepreneurs." 

So how does it work? Using prototyping tools, drag and drop editors, mockups, wireframes and anything else you can think of, participants will come up with a prototype to visually...

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Chimehack 2 winners improve female safety

(Image Credit: Chimehack)

Chime for Change is a female empowerment campaign founded by Gucci which aims to give women a platform to make a difference in education, health, and justice matters. The movement, supported by the likes of Halle Berry and Beyoncé, hosts a female-only hackathon titled 'Chimehack' that hopes to advance their goals through creative technological innovations. 

Yesterday, the winners of the campaign's second hackathon were announced. Participating...

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AURO and Lighthouse Labs host "Code it Forward"

(Image Credit: Code it Forward)

Ten charities from Vancouver, Canada will be coming together with developers and marketers during the weekend of July 25th - 26th for the "Code it Forward" hackathon sponsored by AURO and hosted by Lighthouse Labs. 

Some of the non-profits involved include Canucks Autism NetworkBC Lung AssociationDTES Food ConnectionThe LipStick ProjectAunt Leah’s Place

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Minecraft teaches kids to code at JHack

Teachers are well-aware of how difficult it can be to maintain a child's attention, which is the reason why lessons must be as interactive and engaging as possible. One thing which is almost certain to grab the attention of many young people is Minecraft. 

The first large-scale junior hackathon in New Zealand took place this past Saturday in South Auckland and was attended by 120 high school students from more than 20 schools. Organised by the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) along with IT industry...

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AngelHack to host IoT hackathon at Levi’s Stadium

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/ThomasVogel)

Hacker community, Angelhack, is partnering with The IoT Influencers Summit to host its first-ever hackathon. Developers will spend up to two weeks July 6th - July 21st hacking-together their best IoT prototypes before accepted teams will present their innovative creations at Levi's Stadium on July 21st, 2015. 

Sponsors will provide the technology for use in the hackathon and will...

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HealthXL invites you to "Hack Aging"

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/monkeybusinessimages)

HealthXL, a global market for health innovations, and IBM are teaming-up to host a hackathon titled 'Hack Aging' which aims to help the elderly solve their biggest difficulties and allow them to live more comfortable and connected lives.

The event is set to be held July 10th - 12th at the Carlton Connect Initiative in Melbourne and calls on attendees to put...

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Students build assistive tech during MIT hackathon

(Image Credit: ATHack)

Over 50 years ago, Professor Stephen Hawking was told that he would only live for another two to three years. Today, he is still aiding scientists around the globe with his talented mind thanks to assistive technology which has given him a voice to the world. 

Teams of students came together at MIT's second ATHack to build new assistive technologies which allow more people with various disabilities to engage with the world...

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Wimbledon & IBM's hackathon scored a few aces

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/mikdam)

Earlier this year we reported Wimbledon and IBM were set to host a hackathon ahead of this year's tournament at the Condé Nast college of fashion & design on the 10th and 11th June. The winners of the event have now been announced, and we believe they scored a few aces with some of the innovative projects on show... 

The organisers tasked participants with finding solutions to four key...

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Huddle wins ReHack sustainability hackathon

(Image Credit: ReHack)

ReHack is a hackathon sponsored by Unilever which aims to solve sustainability issues. This year's event was held June 25th - 26th at the Village Underground venue in Shoreditch, London and hosted 25 innovative teams each with their own creative ideas.

Last year's event attracted 15 teams and five projects were taken forward.

Despite the talent each team showed, there could be just one winner. This year's trophy went to Huddle Creative with a project which aims to...

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Code for "protecting liberty" at Rand Paul's hackathon

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/mariusz_prusaczyk)

Politics and hackathons don't tend to come together - but that's exactly what happened when hackers gathered in a co-working space in San Francisco to code for Senator Rand Paul. 

As part of his campaign, the hackathon was organised to make software for "protecting liberty and privacy" which is why the event attracted many coders who had a grudge against the system and the exposed...

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REshape the future of healthcare

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/JPC-PROD)

During the 28th- 30th August 2015, the REshape Center at Radboud University is collaborating with HackingHealth on its first Dutch event aimed at taking advantage of new technologies... 

HackingHealth are leading hosts of health-related hackathons around the world including events in several major countries such as the United States, Canada, UK, France, Australia,...

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CODEX hackathon seeks book-related innovation

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/nata_vkusidey)

Hosted at 'Code for America' in San Francisco on June 27th-28th, the CODEX hackathon event will bring together around 100 participants to help create new digital experiences around books. 

Around 100 tech experts - selected through an online application process - will mingle with publishing talent from the likes of the Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington DC, the One...

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Hack for health at MIT Hacking Medicine 2015

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/nzphotonz)

Healthcare is perhaps one of the most exciting industries at the moment due to breakthroughs in science and innovations from the technology sector. MIT are hosting a 'Hacking Medicine' event in Singapore to make practical use of some of these latest advancements and help provide a better quality of life to patients.

MIT Hacking Medicine has been running since 2011 and has spawned a number of...

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InMobi partners with the best problem solvers for 'YaWiO'

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/RomoloTavani)

Mobile ad network InMobi has a new internal culture it is calling 'YaWio' which is the culmination of three philosophies; Imagination, Oneness, and Action. In order to help promote these ideas, InMobi has designed a two-day hackathon called 'YaWiO-x' which is in close partnership with some of the world's best problem solvers. 

The three institutions which InMobi have chosen to work with are X Prize

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iTech 2015 takes advantage of India's status as an IoT leader

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/norwayblue)

According to Indian software trade association Nasscomm, India is set to be the largest consumer of Internet of Things (IoT) devices globally by 2020. Infotech, a leading global IT services and solutions company, is hosting a two-day hackathon called 'iTech' which focuses on innovation in the growing IoT industry. 

The hackathon - held at Infotech's campus in Bengaluru on...

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