WeWork Moorgate to host large scale hackathon


WeWork Moorgate will host a large-scale hackathon on 26-27 September, with young entrepreneurs from across the UK invited to tackle major issues.

The entrepreneurs, aged from 16 to 26 years, will meet at the event to tackle local and global issues. They will form teams and partnerships on common concerns and use their programming and design skills to develop and explore applications and solutions. The partnerships formed from this fest are expected to create new companies focused on...

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Sainsbury's helps people to "Live Well" through digital innovation

(Image Credit: Sainsbury's)

Retail giant Sainsbury's doesn't want the creative ideas of their employees going to waste, and therefore invited 161,000 colleagues across their business to submit ideas on how technology can help make the lives of their customers and staff easier – regardless of technical background. 

Over 100 ideas were submitted, and the best six were put forward to be turned from concept into a prototype within 24 hours during a hackathon at the Sainsbury's...

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Comedy Hack Day seeks coders and comedians

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Most of us know someone with a sense of humour, a coder - or if you're lucky - both. These are the kind of people the organisers of the Comedy Hack Day in Chicago are looking for to help create hilarious projects which puts a smile on people's faces. 

The event will be held over two days across October 3rd and 4th at the aptly-located Cards Against Humanity offices. Organisers say...

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Robots at 'Get Your Bot On' hope to fix the world's health problems

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The hackathon title 'Get Your Bot On' leaves little to the imagination when it comes to what participants are expected to create, but this year's theme for robotic inventions was "Healthy: People and Environments." 

Over 36 hours, teams created a range of incredible robots aimed towards solving real-world problems in relation to improving the health of...

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Gramophone created at Pebble hackathon

Sometimes the best things are when the old meets new; which most techies would agree is what's happening with smartwatches. One of the smartwatch pioneers is Pebble who has continued to grow from strength-to-strength. Instead of fading-out like most Kickstarter companies, the firm debuted a follow-up device earlier this year. 

Pebble's second big release, Pebble Time, features innovative "Smart Straps" which can add functionality to the watch through connecting with the magnetic port on the...

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Winners of #BreakMakeCreate15 announced

(Image Credit: HelloTruth)

#BreakMakeCreate15 was held in Johannesburg over this last weekend and was created to give all creative, technical-minded, and innovative thinkers the chance to tinker, craft, and play. 

The event was limited to 10 teams who competed for a first place reward of R10000, with the runners-up grabbing R5000 each. Three innovative projects have now been hailed as the winners of HelloComputer's marketing-focused hackathon. 

First prize 

The overall prize went to 'Guptas...

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Aging 2.0: Making travel easier for seniors

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/BraunS)

Held at Google's campus in London, the Aging2.0 event on August 23rd brought together developers, designers, care-givers, people in the travel business, and seniors to help make lives easier for the elderly when travelling. 

Getting older is something none of us will avoid, and most of us will know someone today in their senior years who we care about that could...

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PennApps XII: "World's largest student hackathon" grew even bigger

(Image Credit: PennApps Twitter)

Student hackathon PennApps has now held twelve successful events, and over that period has grown to become one of the world's largest hackathons. Hackfest reported last week the event over the Labor Day weekend of September 4th – 6th was set to be the biggest yet – and it didn't let us down. 

Over 1,500 hackers took part at the hackathon's

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Hackathon creation ARKHumanity saves lives via Twitter

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Squaredpixels)

Hackathons are often the birthplace of game-changing products, but rarely are they life-saving. A team of five students who met at 'Hacks 4 Humanity' has developed an application which aims to save lives through monitoring social media network Twitter. 

ARKHumanity monitors the microblogging service for specific tweets which contain set "crisis" keywords and ensures the...

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Gender equality shines at AWShine Diversity Hack

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/thodonal)

A weekend-long hackathon was run by Amazon Women Shine which – although open to all genders – each team had to have a gender mix to participate. The organisers say this approach was successful, and reached the ideal 50 – 50 split between men and women in each participating team. 

The participants approached a problem, conceptualised a solution, and created a prototype over...

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Sport England launches hackathon for social good

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/PeopleImages)

Sport has the ability to change lives, whether through improving personal health or taking people out from dire situations and giving them a chance to better themselves. A hackathon run by Sport England aims to harness this and create positive social change. 

Along with a £10,000 incentive up-for-grabs, teams of up to six people will develop concepts which encourage a...

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PennApps XII introduces "Routes" and pushes community involvement

(Image Credit: PennApps)

Student-run hackathon, PennApps, has gone from strength-to-strength over the past few years. The upcoming twelfth edition of the bi-annual event is set to be the biggest yet as it opens to more students than ever in order to include as many hackers as possible. 

PennApps XII has over 2,000 participants registered from 147 universities across 11 different countries. The fun all kicks-off tomorrow under the fist-pumping tagline of "Come...

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India Gadget Expo launches "Hackathon Carnival"

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A two-day "Hackathon Carnival" will be held in Hyderabad from 18th – 21st September at the HITEX Convention Centre. Spanning the course of 30 hours, the carnival is being held alongside the India Gadget Expo (IGE) which brings thousands of entrepreneurs together.

Visitors who may not have coding skills – or are just getting started – are free to hit the floor


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Hackagong invites Australia's talent back for 2015

(Image Credit: Hackagong)

One of Australia's biggest hackathons, Hackagong, is back for 2015 and is prepared to be bigger and better than ever with more sponsors, prizes, and competitions than previous years. 

The annual event attracted over 150 competitors and handed-out $100,000 worth of prizes and giveaways to winners in 2014. Hackagong's new platinum sponsor, WiseTech Global, will be providing $5,000 of cash to whoever creates the most viable business idea. 

Alongside this, some...

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SA Innovation Summit wants to solve childhood development challenges

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Andrew Rich)

Programmers, designers, and other creative individuals will team-up with ECD (Early Childhood Development) practitioners during tomorrow's hackathon with the aim of creating mobile applications to benefit children most at risk in our society. 

The hackathon is being hosted by Innovation Edge, IBM, Silicon Cape and the SA Innovation Summit at the Cape Town stadium in Green Point, Africa. It's...

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HackingEDU aims to fix the "flawed" education system

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/evirgen)

The HackingEDU event on October 23rd has attracted over 1000 hackers who are preparing to battle it out for 36 hours to revitalise the flawed and archaic education system. Their training day alone – held at PayPal’s HQ – packed 400 attendees and had over 1500 signups.

Hackfest (HF) caught up with one of the hackathon's founders, Daniel Minjares (DM), to find out more about the event and its wider mission. 

HF: What are you hoping to...

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RBS partners with the Open Bank Project for Hack / Make The Bank

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/ilbusca)

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is partnering with the Open Bank Project (OBP) for their Hack / Make The Bank hackathon which aims to improve the digital offerings provided by financial institutions. 

Set to be held in Edinburgh on the weekend of the 9th of October, Hack / Make The Bank is described by OBP as a "creative marathon of brainstorming and software building". Coders...

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Global hackathons inspiring solutions to deter urban conflict announced

(c)iStock.com/gong hangxu

International Alert, a leading peace building charity, has announced a series of global hackathons to ‘generate innovative solutions for using technology to build peace in cities.’

The events, launched to commemorate the UN’s International Day of Peace on September 21, will run across the weekend of September 26 and 27 with Barcelona, Beirut and London already confirmed. Four other cities – Colombo, Derry, Medellin and Washington DC – are pencilled in with concrete details to be...

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